We're fast approaching our year anniversary on the Coming Up Short podcast as Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine celebrate episode number 51! This week's podcast is a good one as we welcome into the studio one of the most well-known faces in the South Florida comedy scene, Jordan Garnett!

Jordan arrives fashionably late (of course) to the Chula Vista Studios with none other than Ramon Garcia in tow. The fireworks start early and often on the show as Jordan shares his opinions of the local scene and some of the comedians in it. No punches are pulled when Mr. Garnett gets on a roll about how he thinks things should go in the comedy community.

Jordan showcases his softer side too as he lovingly discusses his Grandmother (who's now a Snapchat sensation), as well as the sex he had with a cancer patient.

Yeah, you don't want to miss this.


It's the golden anniversary episode of the Coming Up Short podcast, number 50! Just like the Super Bowl, Coming Up Short has put on 50 shows and we couldn't be more happy. Well, we could be, but our therapist says it's not healthy to think like that.

Joining Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine for this momentous occasion is this week's guest, Joe Dewayne. Joe comes to the Chula Vista studios with his own guest, the lovely and talented Noam Manor. We kick things off talking about Noam's new open mic at Another Castle on Sunday nights, but quickly get into Joe's body of work that encompasses not only comedy, but also film making.

The three discuss Guff Punch, the movie that Joe made along with Sean Beagan, Mike Cintron, Plus Pierre and others that will be debuting very soon. Joe talks about what it's like to make a movie on a small budget and how important it is to just keep doing the things that you love to find the one (or ones) you want to expand upon

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Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine always love having new comedians on the Coming Up Short podcast because it gives everyone an opportunity to get to know someone a bit better. This couldn't be better illustrated than by this week's podcast with guest Artesse Lector. 

Having only been on the scene for a few months, Jon and Eric didn't know what to expect from Artesse, but what they got no one could have predicted! Artesse really opens up to talk about his personal and physical struggle (one that almost killed him) that brought him to comedy's doorstep. Not only that, but how even as a man in his late 20's, he has a perspective on life that most don't realize until later, and some not at all. 
This episode certainly goes down as one of our deepest to date and certainly one of our most riveting. I know that doing it changed a bit of my perspectives and I'm sure that listening to it will have a similar effect.
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Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2016 New Year's edition of the Coming Up Short podcast. It's been a great 2015 for the show and Eric Rosenblum and Jon Levine want to start off by thanking all of our fans for making it that way. 

To kick the year off right, Eric and Jon welcome Dominick Nesci to Coming Up Short, and what a conversation they had. The topics range from what it's like to do comedy when you have a family, to how hard it is (but a great reward) to start your own room, and why you should never wear all black when playing golf in South Florida, especially if you're really hungover.
Start your New Year off right by listening to this episode of Coming Up Short!