March 30, 2015

Coming Up Short #8

Eric and Jon are back in the studio this week to discuss the return of Kevin Perry, resources for finding open mic's, if joke-writing books are worth it, and our Standup Spotlight of the week: Ralph LaGuerre! 

March 23, 2015

Coming Up Short #7

Coming Up Short Episode 7. Eric is back in the studio after his nearly three-week trip to New York City. He and Jon talk to this week's in-studio guest, Terry Wayne, about his comedy origins, best practices for new comedians, and upcoming shows.

This week's episode also features our new 'Comic Spotlight' where we talk about a local comedian that caught our eye and the good things they're doing on and off stage. 
March 16, 2015

Coming Up Short #6

In this episode of Coming Up Short, Jon gets lonely in the studio with Eric being in New York (but still on the show because of the powers of the Internet), so he brings in special guest Connor Kane. Connor, Eric and Jon discuss Michael Caine's drug use, Eric's big show in New York City, and how important traveling is. 

March 9, 2015

Coming Up Short #5

In this episode of Coming Up Short, Eric joins Jon live from New York City where he's hitting stages all over the City. We also talk bachelor parties in Atlantic City, where to find open mic's in your town and upcoming comedy festivals.

March 2, 2015

Coming Up Short #4

Not only are we debuting our new Coming Up Short theme song this week, but we have the creator and performer of that theme song, Steve Holman, in-studio as our guest. Listen to Jon and Eric as they ask Steve about musical comedy, mugging teenagers with braces and why Matt Bellak hates keyboards.